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Operation of System Chiller

Chiller Operation:Cooled with one or more chasers delivering random depending on the load.

Option: Precision (±0.1°C), Hot Gas PID

Water Tank:Designed to maximize Delta T for Laser Out Water and Chiller Return Water.

With automatic water replenishment. Water quality control is easy.

Option: Pure water generator, three major water problems (green, microbial, scale)Water source cut-off

Dual Water Pump: If the Main Water Pump fails, change to Standby Water Pump.

Option: Standby Pump Run automatically.

System Chiller A/S

In case of chiller failure: If one chiller fails, the other two or more chiller drives. Without stopping the system, failure

I fix the chiller. There is little chance of two or more chiller failures at the same time.

In case of water pump failure:Stand by pump automatically or manually.·Repair or replace a faulty pump.

In case of control failure:The probability of failure is the lowest (with a failure probability of less than 2% within 10 years).Manual operation is possible.

System Chiller Economy

Price of parts:Due to small repairs, so the parts are cheap.The probability of failure of the compressor is significantly lower than that of the larger size.

(The greater the horsepower, the longer the length of the electric coil, which increases the probability of failure.)

Repair period: easier to find in the market than large parts, faster delivery time.Manufacturer's stock because it's a low-cost commercial component.

Repair method:Remove faulty chiller and repair delivery to manufacturer.

Extension: Chiller or water pump can be added without new purchase.

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